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Phones laptops liquid treatment

Phones laptops liquid treatment

Professional logic board ultrasonic cleaning


Phones’ contact with a liquid is one of the most common faults, just next to falls. Raindrops, swimming in the sea, Pepsi, beer, bath full of water, washing-machine or finally toilet – there are plenty of dangerous situations waiting for your phone. Is that mean the end of its life? Not necessarily! Everything depends on a few factors. In that guideline, you will find out how to extend the chance of rescuing your phone and write data on it. If those unfortunate circumstances happened and your phone was drop off to the water, so first of all…

Cut the power

If your phone has a removable battery – take it out. Water and power connected together mean troubles. There is not the only possibility of fire it up, but also further galvanic corrosion of components. If it is not possible to remove the battery, so at least switch the phone off, in the case when it didn’t switch by itself. It will not cut power completely but will allow to cut it off from many sensitive elements regarding a fire. Then take out SIM card and memory card if your phone has it.

Rice? Amazing! But just in Chinese restaurant


On the Internet, you can find a lot of myths regarding helpful rice in cases of dropping the phone into water, although beneficial for our health and also tasty vegetable it is not very useful for rescue your phone from contact with a liquid. Many people will be trying to convince you that brother-in-law from Auntie Mary’s side rescued his phone this way. Maybe there could even be a seed of truth, but the assumption is that the same result would be from the drying process on the sun or radiator. Simply saying, drop off into the water might not last for too long and in consequence, wasn’t too serious. So with rice or without, the phone just becomes dry by itself. If you have important data on your phone and they are priceless for you, so it is better to hand it to the professional service which owns ultrasonic cleaner.

Ultrasonic cleaner

That is the tool what generates ultrasonic vibrations which in combination with isopropyl alcohol or demineralised water with additional cleaning resources can remove pollutions and corrosion from hardly reachable places on the mainboard. That is the best, well-known method of rescue phones after contact with a liquid.

Drying and diagnostics

Following the bath, in the ultrasonic cleaner, the phone can be dried. Then, before we plug in the battery, we start initial diagnostics and check if any of the components will not cause a short circuit, which could cause harm to a phone. If everything looks fine, we can connect all components, test phone’s functions and eventually replace faulty components.


If your reaction after contact with liquid has been relatively quick and you haven’t plug the phone to the charger and to the power before it has been completely cleaned and dried, then there is a huge chance that you would be able to enjoy your working phone again.

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Phones laptops liquid treatment

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