Charging problems

Your phone demands power, but does not work well with a charger at the moment? Stay calm, maybe that is just a small issue. Read guideline below, to find out what can cause those problems.

Check charging lead

In new models of chargers, you can often take out charging lead  and use it as a USB. Is it the case in your phone?

1. Plug if off from charger and plug it into the computer or other chargers which also has removable charging lead.

No worries, that does not need to be charged by the same brand as your phone. Ask someone from family about charger from any other phone or tablet. What is important it has to have the same socket.

In some cases USB sockets might be on the wall sockets:

2. Is your phone charging normally? If yes, so move your cable slowly and in a delicate manner on its every end; maybe the cable is broken and it charges only for a moment. If everything is fine and there are no problems with charging if you move the cable, that means your charger is faulty.

3. The phone is charging, but if I move cable it sometimes stops working. That means your cable is faulty or charging socket on your phone.

4. The phone is still not charging. Faulty cable or phone.

5. Go to other points to be able to check other possibilities of failure.

1. Do you have other cable for your phone at home? Check in the box, sometimes producer can provide you with additional cable. If you have iPhone, you can use cable of otheApple’s device – iPod’s or iPad’s. If you have Android phone so predictably you might have microUSB and you can plug it to other Android’s charger.

Caution: If you have iPhone, you cannot use Android cable and the other way round neither!

2. Is your phone  charging when it is connected to other charger? If yes, so move cable slowly and in a delicate manner, in the charging port. If everything is fine, that means your phone charger is faulty. If stops charging sometimes, that means charging port must be faulty.

3. Is your phone still not charging? That means phone is faulty. Contact us and we might be able to sort it out for you.

What kind of cable do I need actually?

Caution: there are many types of USBcables in retail non-compatible to each others. Make sure you plug in proper cable.

1. Apple Lightning – cable used in every device produced by Apple actually, starting with model iPhone 5.

2. Apple 30 pins – cable for older devices produced by Apple in years 2003-2014, so for example iPhone 3, 3GS, 4, 4s, iPad 2, iPad 3.

3.Micro USB 2.0- The most popular cabel nowadawys, for most of the phones’ models and tablets, which are not produced by Apple.

4. micro USB 3.0 – Often used for removable hard discs, but they are also in some kind of phones. It is characteristic for version 3.0 with blue plug ins and ports. Devices which are equipped in those ports (if they do not need power more than 500mA) might be connected by cable micro USB 2.0. as well.

4. USB-C – follower of microUSB standard. It is not very popular yet, but it has a potential in close future to take the place of the previous one, because it has a number of undeniable benefits. It makes posible to charge devices by higher volatge and it can be connected by both sides. 

Check your charger

Saying ‘charger’ I have on my mind charger without cable, so just a ‘block’ which is plugged in to the socket in the wall.

If someone from your family or friends have a charger with a removable cable USB, use it to check if your phone is charging properly. It can be any charger 5V from any phone or tablet (iPhone, Android, iPad, tablet).

How does your phone react after connecting to other charger?

If your phone is charging properly on other charger, that means your charger is faulty.

If you have checked your USB cable and your phone is still not charging on other charger, that unfortunately means your phone is faulty.

Contact us and we will sort it out for you.

Check your charging port

There is often a case when something can get into charging port and unable it proper phone charging. Check your charging port inside by lightning it by torch, view them properly and remove eventual dirt by toothpick. Do it in a delicate manner, not to break delicate metallic pins.

Is your phone still not charging?

After checking all possible elements your phone is still not charging, that means some kind of defect inside it. Contact us and we might be able to help you.

Charging problems

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