iPod charging problems

iPod charging problems

If you have iPod charging problems, it is the time to visit PhonesRescue! We will check charging port on your iPod and we will replace it if necessary.

Check our prices and then contact us.

Why us

  • Competitive prices
  • Six month guarantee
  • Quick repair

Charging ports prices

Price includes parts and service

iPod Classic

  • iPod classic 6th - £49.99

iPod Nano

  • iPod Nano 7th - £49.99

iPod Touch

  • iPod Touch 2nd - call us​
  • iPod Touch 3rd - call us​
  • iPod Touch 4th - £49.99​
  • iPod Touch 5th - £49.99​
  • iPod Touch 6th - £59.99​

Can we help you with anything else?

Do you need help with any other device or different kind of defect? Contact us! We will advise and help you and you will be glad of your device again.