ipod cracked (Small)

iPod screen replacement

If your iPod’s LCD or touchscreen broke down, remember that you can always count on ‘PhonesRescue’.

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Why us?

  • Competetive price
  • Six months guarantee
  • Quick repair

Screen replacement's prices

The prices may vary.

iPod Classic

  • iPod classic 1st - call us
  • iPod classic 2nd - call us
  • iPod classic 3rd - call us
  • iPod classic 4th - £39.99
  • iPod classic 5th - £49.99
  • iPod classic 6th - £39.99

iPod Mini

  • iPod mini 1st - call us
  • iPod mini 2nd - call us

iPod Nano

  • iPod Nano 1st - £49.99
  • iPod Nano 2nd - £39.99
  • iPod Nano 3rd - £39.99
  • iPod Nano 4th - £39.99
  • iPod Nano 5th - £39.99
  • iPod Nano 6th - £39.99
  • iPod Nano 7th touch - £49.99
  • iPod Nano 7th LCD - £39.99

iPod Touch

  • iPod Touch 1st touch - £49.99
  • iPod Touch 1st LCD - £39.99
  • iPod Touch 2nd touch- £39.99
  • iPod Touch 2nd LCD - £39.99
  • iPod Touch 3rd touch - £39.99
  • iPod Touch 3rd LCD - £39.99
  • iPod Touch 4th - £49.99
  • iPod Touch 5th - £59.99
  • iPod Touch 6th - £59.99

Can we help you with anything else?

Do you need help with any other device or different kind of defect? Contact us! We will advise and help you and you will be glad of your device again.

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