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Laptop repair Bournemouth, UK

Laptop repairs in Bournemouth – Samsung, Dell, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, Alienware, Sony, Microsoft, Asus, Acer, MSI, Google, Huawei, Razer, LG. Laptop screen replacement Bournemouth – HP Pavilion laptop screen replacement – Battery replacement – Keyboard replacement – Charging port replacement – Hard drive, SSD replacement – Logic board repair – Toshiba data recovery specialist

Laptop repair Bournemouth Microsoft Registered Refurbisher

Problem with your laptop?

Doesn’t your laptop work properly anymore? Is it working slowly, making you want to throw it out the window? BSODs appear on the screen? Unwanted pop-ups? Your keyboard does not work? The fan works too loud? Maybe you can hear bits rattling around inside? Maybe it does not work at all? Electronic device failure can be stressful, but you found the right place! Phones Rescue team is here to help you! Bournemouth’s leading laptop repair specialists! We can repair a laptop from any manufacturer!

Software defects

We fix Windows system defects of all kinds. We scan system regarding malware, faulty drivers. We analyse operating systems or we install them from the scratch.

Acer laptop repair Bournemouth
Laptop repair Bournemouth Surface hardware 2 (Small)

Hardware defects

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) are made from layers of fibreglass and copper, glued together. The glues used are very heat resistant; it is possible to overheat a PCB and damage it. If a PCB is overheated, the most likely outcome is that the copper layer will de-laminate from the fibreglass board. This usually leads to broken joints and a non-working circuit.

We test laptops; we replace faulty memory chips, hard discs, optical drives, keyboards, trackpads and repair PCB issues. We replace your laptops’ broken screen or faulty ports on the mainboard to be happy with your working laptop again. 

Lost data?

Has your hard disc stopped working? Have you deleted important data by mistake or formatted partition? Are you looking for data recovery “near me”? Check our offer of data recovery, and maybe it is not too late to recover your sensitive data. Do not hesitate! Text us, e-mail, call or request a callback; we will contact you.

Data recovery Bournemouth Christchurch Poole Phones Rescue

Course work due?

Do you have a deadline coming up? Do you need your laptop repaired as fast as possible? We will get you back to work as quick as we can, and don’t forget to bring your BU ID for a Student discount too!

No matter if you need an HP laptop repair, Samsung laptop repair or any other manufacturer, we’re here to help. All our repairs are done in-store; we don’t send them away, keeping you waiting longer. This is for all our Laptop repairs from the mainboard to a screen replacement. That’s why we’re the top choice for Bournemouth’s leading laptop repair specialist. Where can I get my laptop screen fixed? The answer is simple – Phones Rescue comes to the rescue.

We also offer mail in repairs for anyone in the UK!

Fixed labour prices

At Phones Rescue you won’t be surprised by the price of the repair. Simple, transparent repair labour price list. Prices of parts and components should be added to the prices if required.

Simple repairs

£ 29
  • Removing dust from inside
  • Optical drive replacement - CD, DVD BluRay
  • Battery replacement*
  • Windows 7 password removing
  • Keyboard replacement*
  • Fan replacement

Basic repairs

£ 49
  • Hinges repair, replacement
  • LCD screen replacement*
  • Windows software issues repair
  • Data transfer
  • Charging issues*
  • Virus removal
  • Problem with printing
  • WiFi issues
  • Sound issues - microphone, speaker, sound
  • Laptop screen, LCD replacement
  • HDD replacement with Windows installation
  • Report of damages for an insurance
  • Windows OS reinstallation
  • Data backup, transfer, clone
  • Touchpad, trackpad replacement

Intermediate repairs

£ 59
  • Keyboard replacement - connected to palmrest
  • Touch screen replacement
  • DualBoot installing two operating systems
  • Glued batteries replacement
  • HDD replacement with cloning customer's data
  • Windows 8 and 10 password removing
  • Blue screen of death, error messages
  • Cooling improvement
  • Windows OS installed on tablets
  • Windows is running slowly

Difficult repairs

£ 79
  • Damaged ports replacement, connectors and sockets on main board
  • Main boards' repair or replacement
  • GPUs' repair or replacement
  • Custom built PC
  • Ultrasonic liquid treatment​
  • BIOS, CMOS, UEFI password reset
  • Beeping on startup

Select your brand

Choose your laptop brand from the menu

Sony Vaio laptop repairs

Sony Vaio repair Bournemouth

Vaio is a Sony brand founded in 1996. Since 2014, it has been operating as an independent company. VAIO is an abbreviation of Visual Audio Intelligent Organizer. The logo symbolises the analogue sine wave (VA) connection, (IO) symbolises 1 and 0, i.e. a binary digital signal. Call us if you need to replace the broken laptop screen anywhere in the UK. Find out the Sony Vaio screen replacement cost.

HP laptop repairs

Compaq laptop repairs

Phones Rescue HP repair Bournemouth

HP (short for Hewlett-Packard) is a company with great achievements. Founded in 1939 in a garage in Palo Alto by William Hewlett and Dave Packard. The company produces great printers and laptops, oscilloscopes, and other measuring equipment (under the Agilent Technology brand). Its clients include NASA, DARPA, MIT and CERN. In 2002, HP acquired Compaq. Contact us if you want to find out laptop screen repair cost HP laptops. We repair laptops from all over the UK.

HP manufactures many laptop lines for different audiences:

Dell laptop repairs

Dell laptop repair Bournemouth

Dell is one of the largest technology companies in the world. In addition to excellent laptops, it also manufactures PCs, servers, network equipment, software, printers and much more. Dell is also the world’s largest seller of computer monitors. Do you what to how much to replace a laptop screen? Get a quote. Whole UK laptop repairs – just contact us today.

The most popular laptop lines:

Xiaomi laptop repairs

Xiaomi Notebook repair Bournemouth

Xiaomi has been producing laptops only since 2016, but you have to admit that their products have good components and have a beautiful design. Xiaomi Notebook Air and Notebook Pro models look very much like Apple MacBook laptops. What is the laptop screen repair price? It depends on the make and model. Write to us and we will check it for you.

Laptop models manufactured by Xiaomi:

Toshiba laptop repairs

Dynabook laptop repairs​

Toshiba laptop repair

Toshiba is an abbreviation of the full company name: Tokyo SHIBAura Denki. It is a company with many years of tradition, which was founded in 1939. Toshiba manufactures a large selection of models where everyone will find the right model for themselves. When Sharp bought most Toshiba shares in 2018, laptops are now sold under the new Dynabook brand.

The best-known line is Satellite laptops, but in addition to it, Toshiba also produces multimedia laptops (Qosmio) for business (Portégé, Tecra), as well as universal, high-performance laptops for everyone (Satellite Pro). If you need repairing a laptop screen, contact us today.

Samsung laptop repairs

Samsung is a huge Korean company employing over 300,000 employees worldwide. It is practically self-sufficient. It manufactures integrated circuits, processors (Exynos), LCD and Super AMOLED displays, software (Bada OS), RAM, HDD and SSD drives, memory cards and much more for its smartphones laptops.

Samsung also manufactures smartwatches, washing machines, televisions, digital cameras and much more. You can repair damaged Samsung Netbooks with us.

Razer laptop repairs

Razer Blade Pro repair

Razor is a young American company founded in 1998 and known mainly for its excellent computer accessories. In 2001, the company almost went bankrupt when a Taiwan earthquake destroyed all Razer factories and warehouses. It wasn’t until 2004 that the company got back on its feet. Razer began producing laptops for gamers in 2013.

Razer laptops in addition to excellent performance, are also known for great keyboards and amazing displays. When performance is starting to run low, you can connect an external graphics card – Razer Core X Chroma – through the Thunderbolt 3 connector.

MSI laptop repairs

MSI laptop repairs

MSI (Micro-Star International Co., Ltd) – a Taiwanese company that previously mainly produced motherboards and graphics cards. Now also produces laptops, but mainly for gamers.

Microsoft Surface laptop repairs

Microsoft Surface repairs

Although Microsoft has been associated with IT from the very beginning of the creation of computers, it began to produce hardware relatively recently. The first Microsoft Surface tablet with an attached keyboard was presented by Steve Ballmer in 2012. The models with the ARM processor have the Windows RT operating system installed, and models with the Intel processor – Windows 8 or 10. As the prototype of Surface laptops were tablets, all have a touch screen. Surface Pro X works on an ARM processor (designed in cooperation with Qualcomm), however, has the ability to run x86 applications, but only 32 bit for now – work on running 64-bit applications is still ongoing.

LG laptop repairs

LG laptop repairs

After several years of interruption, LG began to produce laptops again, focusing on ultra-light and thin notebooks. As of today, LG only produces one series of products: LG gram

Lenovo laptop repairs

Lenovo laptop repairs

Lenovo entered the laptop and PC market when it bought one of IBM’s divisions in 2005. Due to good workmanship, good performance and affordable price, Lenovo has gained great popularity on the market.

Huawei laptop repairs

Huawei laptop repairs

Huawei is not only excellent phones but also very successful laptops. OneHop feature allows you to transfer files between your smartphone and computer in a fabulously simple way, and even share your smartphone screen on a laptop. OneHop Recording allows you to instantly and wirelessly record your laptop screen directly on your smartphone.

Asus laptop repairs

Asus laptop repairs

This innovative Taiwanese company was founded in 1989 by four former Acer employees. The company name is the last four letters of the word Pegasus – a winged horse from Greek mythology. The company has won many awards for responsible thinking about environmental protection, and for many original ideas in its products. For example, the company created a laptop in a bamboo wood housing – model U43SD.

Popular Asus laptop series:

Acer laptop repairs

Acer laptop repairs

Acer is a company with a long IT tradition. Founded in 1976 as Multitech, it changed its name to Acer in 1987. In the beginning, the company employed 11 employees, and in 2015 employed almost 8,000. The company owns, among others, the Dutch Packard Bell and American Texas Instruments.

The popular Acer laptop series:

Laptop Screen Repair

Do you need someone to repair or replace your laptop screen? It can be tricky to replace or repair a laptop screen, so it’s best left to professionals. Depending on the brand and model, your laptop screen replacement can be done one of three ways. Most models we can replace the LCD panel independently  from the glass and lid, but some models have the LCD combined with the glass for better viewing angles and image display and lastly the logic board could be at fault meaning the laptop screen is fine but there’s just no image being generated. 

Whether looking for a laptop screen repair or laptop screen replacement, we can help. All replacement laptop screens are fitted in store meaning there is no lengthy waiting time for them to be sent off and returned. And because we always keep our prices low, you can rest assured your laptop screen repair cost will be the cheapest around. Contact us, and check out our laptop screen repair price.




One Stop Laptop Repairs

Whether you’re looking for Toshiba laptop repairs, Alienware laptop repairs, HP laptop repairs or any other manufacturer, Phones Rescue can help with them all. Contact us today for a quote on the cost of your repair.

Can we help you with anything else?

Do you need help with any other electronic device or different kind of defect? Contact us! We will advise and help you and you will be glad of your device again.

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