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Console repair - Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo - Come back to the game!

Are you a fan of games? Us too. That’s why we know how unpleasant the malfunction of your games console is.
But don’t worry, we know how to restore it to life.

If your games console makes troubles, you have found the proper place. Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, Wii, Gizmondo? No matter if the games console is big or small, if the problem is of hardware or software nature, Phones Rescue will help you come back to the game!

Looking for a games console repair shop near you? We are local console repair shop in Bournemouth. Not in Bournemouth, Poole or Christchurch? Not a problem! We can arrange mail-in repairs too for anyone in the UK.

We repair consoles – any brand and any model. We offer to repair Xbox consoles as well as handheld Nintendo Switch repairs. If you are looking for a game console repair shop near you – look no further. Come to Phones Rescue or send the damaged console to us by mail.

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Repair games console software faults

It has to be very annoying if your games console shows errors during a fascinating game. We will check and fix your console faulty firmware if necessary.

We will check if any system damage has occurred due to disk or memory damage.

We will check if the cooling system works properly. High temperatures can damage written and read data.

Nintendo DS2

Repair games console hardware faults

nVidia chip replacement Phones Rescue Bournemouth

There are problems with discs reading, lack of connection with network, faulty controller, and faulty sockets on the mainboard? Or maybe your games console does not start at all? Contact Phones Rescue!

We have experience in electronics repair gained since 2004. We replace damaged sockets, connectors, SMD and BGA components. We do reballing or replace CPU or GPU processors using InfraRed soldering stations as well.

We perform all repairs on-site at our games consoles repair shop centre in Bournemouth to provide a quick repair time and a guarantee in case of problems.

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Microsoft Xbox consoles repair

Xbox One S repair Bournemouth Phones Rescue

If you have a problem with your Xbox, come to our repair shop centre in Bournemouth. Xbox, like Sony PlayStation (especially first editions), may have problems with GPU (Graphics Processor Unit) known here as RRoD (Red Ring of Death). Fortunately, that problem is unlikely in further models of Xbox. There can be faulty HDMI or USB sockets; also, a failure of optic discs drives or hard discs.

Visit our repair shop in Bournemouth, and you can be sure that your console is in good hands. You can sleep peacefully – we are sure of our services’ quality, that’s why we provide 12 months warranty for all repairs. Thanks to on-site repairs in Bournemouth, you can quickly get help in case of any problems. Visit our Xbox repair centre in Bournemouth if you have any problem with your console.

Microsoft Xbox 360 console repair Bournemouth

Xbox 360

Repairs Microsoft Xbox 360

Microsoft Xbox One console repair Bournemouth

Xbox One

Microsoft Xbox One repairs

Micrisoft Xbox One S console repair Bournemouth

Xbox One S

Microsoft Xbox One S service

Microsoft Xbox One X console repair Bournemouth

Xbox One X

Cheap Microsoft Xbox One X repairs


Sony PlayStation repair shop near you

Most common defects of Sony games consoles are damaged delicate HDMI and USB sockets, failure of power supply, problems with Blu Ray discs reading, and also problems with starting because of YLoD (Yellow Light of Death), for example, or RLoD (Red Light of Death), caused by troubles with GPU (Graphics Processor Unit).

You can fix all these defects in our repair shop in Bournemouth. Thanks to on-site console repairs, we can ensure quick repair times.

Sony Playstation 4 PS4 Phones Rescue

Fixed labour prices

At Phones Rescue, you won’t be surprised by the price of the repair. Simple, transparent repair labour price list. Prices of parts and components should be added to the prices if required.


Nintendo Handheld consoles repair

Nintendo Switch repair Bournemouth Phones Rescue
Nintendo Switch repair Bournemouth Phones Rescue
Nintendo Switch repair Bournemouth Phones Rescue
Nintendo Switch repair Bournemouth Phones Rescue
Nintendo Switch repair Bournemouth Phones Rescue
Nintendo Switch repair Bournemouth Phones Rescue
Nintendo Switch repair Bournemouth Phones Rescue

Gaming console repair

The golden age of handheld consoles seemed to end definitively when modern smartphones and tablets won the market. However, Nintendo presenting Nintendo Switch has shown that this company will not give up the market easily without a fight. So if you like your PlayStationPortable, NintendoDS, Dingoo, Gizmondo or another handheld console, please contact Phones Rescue.

Bring your damaged handheld console to our games consoles repair centre in Bournemouth, and our technicians will quickly repair your gadget.

Let’s fix this!

Nintendo DS console repair Bournemouth

Nintendo DS repair

Nintendo DS Lite console repair Bournemouth

Nintendo DS Lite repair

Nintendo DSi console repair Bournemouth

Nintendo DSi repair

Nintendo DSi XL console repair Bournemouth

Nintendo XL repair

Nintendo 3DS console repair Bournemouth

Nintendo 3DS repair

Nintendo 3DS XL console repair Bournemouth

Nintendo 3DS XL repair

Nintendo New 3DS console repair Bournemouth

Nintendo New 3DS repair

Nintendo New 3DS XL console repair Bournemouth

Nintendo New 3DS XL repair

Nintendo New 2DS XL console repair Bournemouth

Nintendo New 2DS XL repair

Nintendo Switch repair Bournemouth

Nintendo Switch repair

Nintendo Switch lite console repair Bournemouth

Nintendo Switch Lite repair

Nintendo Wii consoles repair

Perhaps Nintendo Wii does not guarantee the same graphics quality as Sony console or Microsoft, but it is definitely indisputable king of the game world. Who does not know ‘Super Mario Bros’? If we add ‘Donkey Kong’, ‘Dr Mario’, ‘Duck Hunt’ and ‘Pokemon’ to it, so now you know so far that Nintendo can guarantee amazing fun. Though no longer made by Nintendo, if you’re keeping hold of yours and your Wii game system needs repair, don’t fret. If you have any problem with your Nintendo Wii system or Gamepad Wii U controller, contact Phones Rescue, your local Wii repair shop.

Contact our games consoles repair centre, and us in Bournemouth will help you deal with the problem quickly.

Nintendo Wii repair Bournemouth Phones Rescue
Wii console repair Bournemouth

Nintendo Wii repair

Wii Mini repair console Bournemouth

Nintendo Wii Mini repair

Wii U Console Phones Rescue

Nintendo Wii U repair

Controllers repair

Game controller repair Bournemouth Phones Rescue

A game controller is an element that must be extremely durable. During exciting gameplay, the buttons sometimes turn out to be insufficiently durable. It also happened that Nintendo Wii controllers were able to slip out of hand and hit the wall. Or hit the TV. 

We can’t repair your TV damaged by the game controller, but we can fix your controller.

We perform all repairs at our games consoles repair centre in Bournemouth. We have experience repairing electronics acquired since 2004, so you can be sure that your device is in good hands.

Cooling improvement

The efficient cooling of your games console is significant. Modern games consoles have much more advanced processors than PCs or laptops. As a result, they can also reach much higher operating temperatures. Plugged vents, order fan or old thermal paste can damage your games console.

After months of using a console, there might be a lot of dust inside its case, which effectively blocks airstream, causing trouble with its cooling system. It can cause overheat and serious failure of your console, even causing damage to the GPU (Graphics Processor Unit).

It is worth to visit Phones Rescue repair shop in Bournemouth every year – we will carry out diagnostics of your games console components, remove dust from inside and put new thermal compound on the GPU to serve you failure-free for a long time.

Console cooling improvement Bournemouth Phones Rescue

Damaged HDMI, USB ports replacement

Xbox console HDMI repair Bournemouth Phones Rescue

Damaged HDMI, USB, LAN or charging ports are a common problem in consoles. It can be a second of distraction, tripping over cables laid on the floor and misfortune ready. Fortunately, you have a Phones Rescue games consoles repair centre in Bournemouth that can easily handle any problem.

To replace ports, we use the latest technologies, infrared soldering stations and high-quality components. Besides, all repairs are carried out on-site at our games consoles repair centre in Bournemouth

Combined with the experience gained since 2004, we can give you 12 months warranty for all repairs without fear.

Hard drive diagnose, upgrade and replacement

A hard disk is a fragile device. If you are not careful enough and hit the console when it is running, you can easily damage the hard disk. Even worse is the games console falling to the floor when you accidentally stumble over cables lying on the floor.

A faulty hard disc can cause a lot of different problems, including starting issues. Visit Phones Rescue in Bournemouth – we will check and replace the faulty hard disc and write new firmware, operating system if necessary. 

Or maybe you require disc with more capacity? We can also upgrade your HDD to an ultra-fast SSD. This will make the console and installed games run much faster. We can help you with that one as well.

Come to our games consoles repair centre in Bournemouth, or book a repair today.

HDD SSD upgrade repair Bournemouth Phones Rescue

Optical disc drive repair

Blue ray optical drive repair Bournemouth Phones Rescue

Almost every games console uses an optical drive to install or run games. It doesn’t matter if it’s a CD, DVD or Blu Ray drive on PlayStation or Xbox or UMD on portable consoles – in all these cases, there may be a risk of an optical drive failure. If your console has a problem reading the discs and the disc is not scratched, then the optical drive probably needs repair. Contact us, and your console will reread your discs in a flash.

Dust that gets inside the optical drive can damage the delicate optical disc reading laser. That is why we encourage you to visit the Phones Rescue in Bournemouth once a year. We will check your games console and remove dust from the inside, improve cooling, check the hard disk so that your console works flawlessly for many years.

Can we help you with anything else?

Do you need help with any other device or different kind of defect? Contact us! We will advise and help you, and you will be glad of your device again.

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