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Phones Rescue are trusted independent Apple device repair specialists, offering express and low-cost back glass repair in Bournemouth and other iPhone repair services. If you book an appointment in advance, we’ll replace your iPhone’s back glass in just an hour, so you can wait with us at the store or leave your smartphone and come back later.

The back glass is quite delicate. No matter how you take care of your phone, sometimes one mishap is enough to damage your back glass.

Phones Rescue offers your iPhone a full range of diagnostic and low-cost repair services. We ensure that all parts used to iPhone back glass repair your phone is of the highest quality, so we offer you a year of warranty for our services without any worries.

If your iPhone has broken back glass, please don’t hesitate to come to see us. iPhone back glass repair at Phones Rescue is a guarantee of excellent quality and the best price.

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6 Reasons to Choose Phones Rescue

We opened our repair shop in 2018 and since then we have repaired devices for almost 2,000 customers

Almost 2000 happy customers

We have repaired over 3600 various devices

Over 3600 repaired devices.

We are able to replace your iPhone screen in less than an hour

Express and Low Cost iPhone back glass repair

We offer a year warranty on all screen replacements for peace of mind, so you can rest assured that your phone will last for a long time after repair.

One year warranty

At Phones Rescue, we specialize in the repair of Apple devices. We use the highest quality spare parts and have stringent quality control to ensure your iPhone performs as well as new.

High quality parts

If you've found a lower repair price at another local repair shop, visit Phones Rescue and we'll do our best to offer you a fair price for our excellent service.

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If you need a new charger, USB cable, case or car charger for your iPhone, check out our Store’s website at SolutionsInc


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