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Apple Mac Studio repairs Bournemouth

Hard drive replacement, Logic board repair, RAM replacement or upgrade, WiFi signal issues, Cooling improvement, Data recovery

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Mac Studio (2022) A2615 Technical Specifications

Problems with your Apple Mac Studio?

We can help you if your Mac Studio won’t start up, is running slowly, need your data recovering, you’re having trouble connecting to the network, or if you just want to upgrade your disk or RAM.

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Mac Studio (2022) A2615 Technical Specifications

Mac Studio (2022) A2615

Model Identifier: Mac13,1 Mac13,2
Part Numbers: MJMV3LL/A MJMW3LL/A
Model: A2615 (EMC 3988),

Mac Studio (2022) A2615​ logic board repair

Mac Studio (2022) A2615​ HDMI port repair

Mac Studio (2022) A2615 upgrade

Mac Studio (2022) A2615 Cooling improvement

What's new compared to the Mac Mini 2020?

  • Apple M1 10-core or 20-core CPU ARM
  • RAM from 32GB, to 128GB
  • Storage up to 8TB

Fixed labour prices for Mac Studio repairs

At Phones Rescue you won’t be surprised by the price of the repair. Simple, transparent repair labour price list. Prices of parts and components should be added to the prices if required.

Simple repairs

£ 59
  • Removing dust from inside
  • Clean Mac OS X installation
  • Virus removal

Basic repairs

£ 89
  • Mac OS X software issues repair
  • Data transfer
  • PSU replacement
  • Fan replacement
  • HDD replacement
  • DualBoot. Installing two operating systems
  • Cooling improvement

Intermediate repairs

£ 119
  • HDD replacement with cloning customer's data
  • Ultrasonic liquid treatment​

Difficult repairs

£ 149
  • Damaged ports replacement, connectors and sockets on main board
  • Main boards' repair or replacement
  • BIOS, CMOS, UEFI password reset

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Do you need help with any other device or different kind of defect? Contact us! We will advise and help you and you will be glad of your device again.

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