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iMac repair

Apple iMac repair Bournemouth

iMac repair

Does your iMac cause problems? Is it slow, does it need longer time to start, overheat or its fan works too loud? Or maybe does not start at all? 

Check our prices  and then contact us.

Software defects

We install or update OS X and if necessary we downgrade (install lower version then actual one). We check systems in case of viruses and wrong firmware. We are able to make data recovery from hardware. Do you like OS X but sometimes you have to use Windows or Linux? That is not a problem at all! We can install few systems on one computer.

iMac teardown (Small)

Hardware defects

We can replace broken screens hardware,  RAM, loudspeakers, fans, we can replace broken connectors and sockets on main board. Simply saying, we can replace all the parts if necessary.

Three hard drives?

Do you struggle with a lack of space in your iMac? There is a solution! Do you need quick disc SSD and two capacious HDD? Or maybe three quick SSD or three capacious HDD? Or maybe you still need DVD drive and two hard discs? Not a problem at all! It is essential to own iMac 2011 or newer version (or few models from 2010)

Three HDD (Small)
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Have you lost your important data?

Have you hard disc stopped working? Or maybe you cancelled important data by mistake or formatted partition? Check our recovery data offer and maybe it is not too late for recovering your sensitive data. Do not hesitate! Text or e-mail us, call or contact us through the website form, or simply ask for o call, we will call you back and sort it that issue.

Why us

  • Competitive prices
  • Six months guarantee
  • Quick repair

Service prices

Prices do not include parts, that will be additional cost.

We have three rates depends of complexity of the service.

Repair in price of £39*

  • Removing dust from computer
  • System OS X installation
  • Copying data from old, working Hard Drive to new one
  • Microphone replacement
  • Camera replacement
  • Anti-virus scan
  • Internet problems repair
  • Administrator's password reset
  • Other less complicated repairs

Not applicable for models from 2012 and newest.

Repairs in price of £59*

  • Screen replacement
  • Diagnostic and slow working computers' repair
  • Fan replacement
  • Two systems on one computer installation (Dualboot)
  • Loudspeaker replacement
  • Hard disc replacement
  • DVD drive replacement
  • Other medium level of complexity repairs

Not applicable for models from 2012 and newest.

Repairs in price of £99

  • Broken connectors and sockets on mainboards
  • Mainboards' repair or replacement
  • GPU's repair or replacement
  • iMac's cleaning after liquid spilling
  • Thermopaste changing
  • 2012 models' repair and newest
  • Additional hard disc installation
  • Other complicated repairs

Can we help you with anything else?

Do you need help with any other device or different kind of defect? Contact us! We will advise and help you and you will be glad of your device again.

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