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Samsung Galaxy Repair Bournemouth – Screen Replacement – Battery Replacement – Liquid Treatment – Charging Issues Repair – Camera Lens replacement – Android Data Recovery 


Phones Rescue Samsung repair

We know how important your phone is for you. That is why we repair your phones due to the highest quality standards in Phones Rescue. It does not matter if it is a faulty system, broken screen, battery issues, faulty charger port, android data recovery or anything else. Whatever Device you own, we can help!

We have many years of experience in repairing electronics, acquired since 2004, we use genuine or top-quality parts, we work using professional service equipment, so we can give you 12 months warranty for our repairs.

Mobile phone screen replacement

We always use new, 100% genuine screens in our Samsung screen repairs, guaranteeing your phone keeps its original quality and resolution!

Logic board repairs

We take the time to diagnose what the exact problem is with your handset so your repair is completed correctly the first time round.

Select your Samsung phone line

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Galaxy S line

SM-G975F Samsung repair Bournemouth

SM-G973F Samsung repair Bournemouth​

SM-G977F Samsung repair Bournemouth

SM-G970F Samsung repair Bournemouth​

SM-G965F Samsung repair Bournemouth​

SM-G960F Samsung repair Bournemouth​

SM-G955F Samsung repair Bournemouth​

SM-G950F Samsung repair Bournemouth​

SM-G935F Samsung repair Bournemouth​

SM-G930F Samsung repair Bournemouth​

SM-G925F Samsung repair Bournemouth​

SM-G920F Samsung repair Bournemouth​

Galaxy Note line

SM-N985F,  SM-N986F Samsung repair

SM-N980F, SM-N980F/DS, SM-N981B, SM-N981B/DS, SM-N981U, SM-N981U1, SM-N981W

SM-N975F, SM-N976F Samsung repair

SM-N970F Samsung repair

SM-N960F Samsung repair

SM-N950F Samsung repair

Galaxy A line

SM-A908B Samsung repair

SM-A805F Samsung repair

SM-A715F Samsung repair

SM-A705F Samsung repair

SM-A528B Samsung repairs

SM-A515F, SM-A516F Samsung repair

SM-A505F Samsung repair

Samsung Galaxy A52, A52 5G repairs

SM-A525F, SM-A525F/DS, SM-A526B, SM-A526B/DS, SM-A5260

SM-A426B, SM-A426B/DS
Samsung repair

SM-A415F Samsung repair

SM-A405F Samsung repair

SM-A217F Samsung repair

Samsung Galaxy A32, A32 5G repairs

SM-A326B, SM-A326B/DS, SM-A326BR/DS, SM-A326BR,SM-A325F, SM-A325F/DS

SM-A226B Samsung repairs

SM-A202F Samsung repair

SM-A125F Samsung repair

Samsung Galaxy A11 repairs

SM-A115F/DS, SM-A115F, SM-A115M, SM-A115M/DS, SM-A115U, SM-A115A, SM-A115AZ

SM-A105F Samsung repair

SM-A920F Samsung repair

SM-A530F Samsung repair

SM-A750F Samsung repair

SM-A720F Samsung repair

SM-A710F Samsung repair

SM-A600F Samsung repair

SM-A520F Samsung repair

SM-A510F Samsung repair

SM-A500F Samsung repair

SM-A320F Samsung repair

SM-A310F Samsung repair

SM-A300F Samsung repair

Galaxy J line

Samsung SM-J730F repair Bournemouth

Samsung SM-J710F repair Bournemouth

Samsung SM-J610F repair Bournemouth

Samsung SM-J600F repair Bournemouth

Samsung SM-J530F repair Bournemouth

Samsung SM-J510F repair Bournemouth

Samsung SM-J500F repair Bournemouth

Samsung SM-J415F repair Bournemouth

Samsung SM-J330F repair Bournemouth

Samsung SM-J320F repair Bournemouth

Galaxy Z line

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G repairs

SM-F707B, SM-F707N, SM-F7070, SM-F707U, SM-F707U1, SM-F707W,SM-F700, SM-F700F, SM-F700F/DS, SM-F700U/DS, SM-F700U1/DS, SM-F700N, M-F7000, SM-F700W/DS

Samsung Galaxy XCover line

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet that needs repairing? Contact us today to see what we can do for you

Too Far From Phones Rescue?

We offer a “Mail-in repairs” service. You can send us your device by mail and we will send it back after repair. If you live within 10 miles of Bournemouth we can pick up the device from your home.

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Does your Samsung need repair?

Samsung repair Bournemouth – Let’s fix this!

Samsung Galaxy Repair Bournemouth – Screen Replacement – Battery Replacement – Liquid Treatment – Charging Issues Repair – Camera Lens replacement – Android Data Recovery