How to identify your MacBook model

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If you are not sure what the model of your MacBook is, you will easily find out with our guide. 

Your MacBook can be easily identified:

by “Model Identifier” – e.g. MacBookPro16,3, 

by “Model number”, e.g. A2289 or 

by “Apple part number”, e.g. MXK32xx / A, such as MNYF2xx / A (“xx” is a variable that differs by country or region)

1. About This Mac

The easiest way to find out the model of your MacBook is to use the “About This Mac” option.
1. Click “About This Mac” from the Apple () menu in the upper-left corner of your screen
2. Click “System Report …”
3. In the “Hardware” tab, find the entry “Model Identifier:”

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2. On the underside of your Mac

Find the model number printed on the underside of your Mac, near the regulatory markings.

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