How to repair a laptop motherboard

Laptop motherboard repair

Repairing modern laptops is a complicated job. You need a lot of professional tools and equipment, as well as a lot of knowledge. If you want to check if you like to repair electronics, read the text below and the attached materials.

How the laptop motherboard is built

There are hundreds of different components on a laptop motherboard. If you are thinking of repairing laptops, you need to know how each of them works. This article is too short to describe how each chip works, but you can find information on this on Wikipedia, for example

If you think about laptop repair, you should read the articles above on Wikipedia carefully to understand how all these components work.

What is needed to repair laptop motherboards.

A set of screwdrivers

Ifixit screwdrivers

You need a lot of equipment to be able to repair laptops. First, you need a decent quality screwdriver so that you can take your laptop apart without damaging the screws. Good screwdrivers are essential – trust me. Inadequate quality screwdrivers mean many broken screws and a lot of nerves.

Tweezers and pry tools

How to repair a laptop motherboard 1

Plastic tweezers for detaching delicate tapes and clamps, and metal tweezers useful for soldering electronic circuits. You will also need metal and plastic pry tools. Superior quality metal tweezers do not bend and do not transmit temperature. Thanks to this, you will not burn your fingers when you hold the components while soldering.


Multimeter cabac bm821

You need a multimeter to measure voltages, currents, resistances, and test diodes. A good multimeter provides accurate measurements; this is particularly important when repairing modern laptops. The professional multimeter can also automatically set the measuring range.

Digital oscilloscope

How to repair a laptop motherboard 2

To measure voltage over time, you need a digital oscilloscope. To start with, a single-channel oscilloscope is enough, but a two- or four-channel oscilloscope is much more practical. It is important that it has a high sampling frequency and a wide bandwidth. This is useful also large memory.

Soldering station

How to repair a laptop motherboard 3

The soldering station allows you to solder components to the laptop motherboard. It is the basic and necessary tool of every electronics. A professional station ensures stable operating temperatures and quick heating and cooling of the soldering tip. Too low soldering temperature results in inferior quality of the filler metal, and too high temperature may damage the soldering pads on the motherboard, electronic circuits, or plastic components of the connectors.

Bench power supply

Bench power supply

The power supply will allow you to connect safe voltages to the diagnosed motherboard. Connecting a battery to a failing motherboard is dangerous and may potentially damage the motherboard. To test the voltages on the motherboard, you should always connect a professional power supply.


Hot Air station

Weller hot air station

With the help of the hot air station, you can replace BGA chips, which cannot be replaced with a soldering iron. Professional hot air station means stable operating temperatures. The hot air heats the motherboard to the melting point of the solder.

How to diagnose faults on a laptop motherboard

If you already have all the necessary equipment and you know how to operate all the components on the motherboard, it is time to learn how to diagnose faults on the laptop motherboard. This post is too short to cover all troubleshooting methods, so we recommend Garry Romaneo’s book: “Worlds First Complete Guide to Laptop & Notebook Repair”. There you will find information on how to diagnose the most popular faults in laptops.