Apple iPhone 5s repair

Apple iPhone 5s repair Bournemouth – Apple iPhone 5s screen replacement Bournemouth – battery replacement – liquid treatment – logic board repair – Charger port repair

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iPhone 5s Apple iPhone repair Bournemouth

Easy way of fixing your iPhone.

When your phone needs a new screen or battery replacement, camera or anything else, we understand that you would like to repair it as soon as possible. We value your time, that’s why at Phones Rescue we fix most of the issues within an hour.

Why Phones Rescue?

We realise many other repair shops exist in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch. So why should you fix your console at Phones Rescue? First, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Does the repair shop where you give your expensive phone or laptop for repair have experience gained since 2004? Do they use high-quality parts and can offer you a 12-month warranty? Does the repair shop have the equipment to diagnose malfunctions of the motherboard, battery or other components? Do they have experienced technicians and equipment that will enable them to repair delicate motherboards? Do they have infrared stations, thanks to which they can repair graphics cards, processors, and charging ICs soldered to motherboards?

That’s all Phones Rescue offers you. Plus, affordable prices and quick repair times, which we always do on-site. That’s why we’re the number one place to get your device fixed! 

We also offer students and NHS discounts with a valid Student or NHS ID. With values ranging from 5% to 20%, please show us your student ID. This can be your BU ID (Bournemouth University) or NHS staff!

Student Discount can be used against all accessories and handset repairs, including Apple, Tablet, Laptop, and iMac repairs!


You can have good nights of sleep as you will get 12 months warranty for our services.

High quality parts

Every part is tested very carefully, for you to be sure you will get the highest quality product.

Quick time of repair

We know how important your phone is for you, that is why we try to fix most of the problems like iPhone 5s screen replacement, or battery replacement within an hour.

Three easy steps to be able to enjoy your iPhone

1.Choose kind of repair

Our technicians will do iPhone 5s screen replacement, battery replacement, charging port and fix your logic board for you. Aren't you sure what has happened? No problem. We will diagnose issue for you.

2. Visit our shop or send your phone by post

Book your timeslot and visit us in our service, or if you live too far away, send your phone by Royal Mail or courier to us.

3. Enjoy your fixed device again

We will contact you after repair and you will be able to enjoy your shiny, fixed phone again. If you delivered your phone by post, we will send it back to you the same way as soon as possible.

Select a repair type

Screen Apple iPhone repair Bournemouth

Screen replacement

Apple iPhone 5s Screen, replacement

Battery Apple iPhone repair Bournemouth

Battery replacement

Apple iPhone 5s Battery replacement

Speaker Apple iPhone repair Bournemouth

Audio issues


Apple iPhone 5s Earpiece, speaker, microphone replacement. Audio issues repair

WiFi signal Apple iPhone repair Bournemouth

Network issues


Apple iPhone 5s WiFi, Bluetooth, Network signal issues repair

Diagnosis Apple iPhone repair Bournemouth



Apple iPhone 5s Diagnosis

Liquid treatment Apple iPhone repair Bournemouth

Liquid treatment


Apple iPhone 5s Ultrasonic liquid treatment

Front camera Apple iPhone repair Bournemouth

Front camera


Apple iPhone 5s Front camera replacement

Rear camera Apple iPhone repair Bournemouth

Rear camera


Apple iPhone 5s Rear camera replacement

Button Apple iPhone repair Bournemouth

Buttons repair


Apple iPhone 5s Home button, Volume buttons, Power button, Mute switch repair

Charging Apple iPhone repair Bournemouth

Charging port

Apple iPhone 5s Charging port replacement

Data recovery Apple iPhone repair Bournemouth

Data recovery

from £49.99

Apple iPhone 5s Data, photo recovery

Logic board Apple iPhone repair Bournemouth

Logic board repair

from £49.99

Apple iPhone 5s Logic board repair, micro soldering

Are you too far away from Phones Rescue?

If you live too far away from Bournemouth to pop in and drop your device off to us, you can send it by post.

Can we help you with anything else?

Do you need help with any other device or different kind of defect? Contact us! We will advise and help you and you will be glad of your device again.

Do you have any questions?

Check our Facebook fanpage for more information, or write an email.

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