Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 5G repair cost

SM-G990F, SM-G990F/DS, SM-G991B, SM-G991B/DS, SM-G991U, SM-G991U1, SM-G991W, SM-G991N, SM-G9910

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G repair Bournemouth – Samsung S21 5G screen replacement Bournemouth – Battery replacement – logic board repair – Network unlock – Ultrasonic liquid treatment

Samsung galaxy s21

Easy way of fixing your Samsung

We know how important your phone is for you. That is why we repair your phones due to the highest quality standards in Phones Rescue. It does not matter if it is a faulty system, broken screen, battery issues, faulty charger port, android data recovery or anything else. Whatever Device you own, we can help!

We have many years of experience in repairing electronics, acquired since 2004, we use genuine or top-quality parts, we work using professional service equipment, so we can give you 12 months warranty for our repairs.

We always use 100% genuine screens in our Samsung screen repairs, guaranteeing your phone keeps its original quality and resolution!

We take the time to diagnose what the exact problem is with your handset so your repair is completed correctly the first time round.

What's new compared to the Samsung Galaxy S20?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 model seems to be a step backwards. In the new model, Samsung has reduced the display resolution from 1440 x 3200 pixels to 1080 x 2400 pixels. The memory card reader was also abandoned. Slightly better processors were used. Besides, the new model practically does not differ from the old one.


You can have good nights of sleep as you will get a year of warranty for our services.

High quality parts

Every part is tested very carefully, for you to be sure you will get the highest quality product.​

Quick time of repair

We know how important your phone is for you, that is why we try to fix the faulty software in 24 hrs and all other repairs in a week or less.​

Three easy steps to be able to enjoy your Samsung

1.Choose kind of repair

Our technicians will replace screen, battery, charging port and fix your logic board for you. Aren't you sure what has happened? No problem. We will diagnose the issue for you.

2. Visit our shop or send your phone by post

Book your time slot and visit us in our service, or if you live too far away, send your phone by Royal Mail or courier to us.

3. Enjoy your fixed device again

We will contact you after repair and you will be able to enjoy your shiny, fixed phone again. If you delivered your phone by post, we will send it back to you the same way as soon as possible.

Select a repair type

Screen lcd replacement phones rescue bournemouth

Screen replacement


Samsung S21 screen replacement Bournemouth.

Genuine Samsung parts

Battery replacement phones rescue bournemouth

Battery replacement


We fix Samsung Galaxy S21 battery issues

Audio repair phones rescue bournemouth

Ear speaker issues


We fix Samsung Galaxy S21 ear speaker issues – Bournemouth

Audio repair phones rescue bournemouth

Loudspeaker issues


We fix Samsung Galaxy S21 loudspeaker issues – Bournemouth

Diagnosis phones rescue bournemouth



Samsung Galaxy S21 diagnosis

Liquid treatment phones rescue bournemouth

Liquid treatment


Samsung S21 Ultrasonic liquid treatment

Front camera repair phones rescue bournemouth

Front camera


Samsung S21 repair Bournemouth. Front camera repair

Rear camera repair phones rescue bournemouth

Rear camera


Samsung S21 repair Bournemouth. Rear camera repair

Buttons repair phones rescue bournemouth


from £69.99

Samsung S21 power button, volume buttons repair.

Data recovery phones rescue bournemouth

Data recovery

from £49.99

Samsung S21 data recovery Bournemouth

Logic board repair phones rescue bournemouth

Logic board repair

from £59.99

Samsung S21 logic board repair

Back glass replacement phones rescue bournemouth

Back glass


Samsung Galaxy S21 genuine back glass replacement, or £49.99 OEM part – Bournemouth

Charging port replacement phones rescue bournemouth

Charging port


Samsung S21 Charging port replacement

Camera lens replacement phones rescue bournemouth

Camera lens glass replacement


Samsung S21 Camera lens glass replacement

Wifi repair phones rescue bournemouth

Network issues

from £59.99

Samsung S21 repair Bournemouth. Network issues repair.

Samsung S21 Charging Port Issues? Here's How to Fix Them at a Reasonable Cost in the UK

Are you experiencing charging port issues with your Samsung S21? As one of the most advanced smartphones on the market, it’s no surprise that the S21 is prone to charging port problems. But don’t worry; there’s a solution! Rather than replacing your entire phone, there are ways to fix the charging port at a reasonable cost in the UK. In this article, we’ll explore the common causes of charging port issues and provide practical tips to fix the problem. We’ve got you covered whether you’re experiencing slow charging, a loose connection, or a completely dead port. So, if you’re tired of dealing with a faulty charging port, keep reading to find out how to get your Samsung S21 back up and running in no time!

Common Charging Port Problems with Samsung S21

The Samsung S21 is a sleek and sophisticated smartphone, but like any other device, it’s not immune to charging port issues. Charging port problems can manifest in different ways, such as slow charging, intermittent charging, or a completely dead port. Some of the most common causes of charging port problems with Samsung S21 include:

1. Dust and Dirt Accumulation

Dust and dirt accumulation is smartphones’ most common causes of charging port problems, including the Samsung S21. Over time, debris can accumulate in the charging port, leading to a loose connection and slow charging.

2. Physical Damage

Physical damage, such as drops and impacts, can cause charging port issues in Samsung S21. If the charging port is damaged, it may be unable to make a proper connection with the charging cable, leading to slow charging or no charging.

3. Software Issues

Software issues can also cause charging port problems in Samsung S21. If there’s a bug or glitch in the software, it may prevent the phone from recognizing the charging cable, leading to slow or no charging.


Why It's Important to Fix Charging Port Issues

Charging port issues may seem minor but can have serious consequences if left unaddressed. Here are some reasons why it’s important to fix charging port issues with your Samsung S21:

1. Avoid Further Damage

If you continue to use your phone with a faulty charging port, it can cause further damage to your device. A loose connection can cause electrical arcing, damaging the charging port and the cable. This can also damage the battery and other components of your Samsung S21.

2. Save Money

Replacing your Samsung S21 can be expensive, especially if it’s a newer model. By fixing the charging port, you can avoid the cost of buying a new phone and save Money in the long run.

3. Improve Battery Life

A faulty charging port can also lead to poor battery life. If your phone is not charging properly, you may have to charge it more frequently, which can strain the battery. Fixing the charging port can improve your phone’s battery life and ensure it lasts longer.

DIY Solutions for Samsung S21 Charging Port Problems

If you’re experiencing charging port problems with your Samsung S21, there are some DIY solutions that you can try before taking your phone to a professional. Here are some tips to fix charging port issues with Samsung S21:

1. Clean the Charging Port

The first step to fixing charging port issues with your Samsung S21 is to clean the charging port. Use a soft-bristled brush or a toothpick to remove debris or dust from the port. Be gentle and avoid using anything that could damage the port.

2. Check the Charging Cable

Sometimes, the problem may not be with the port but with the charging cable. Try using a different charging cable to see if that solves the problem. If the new cable works, the problem is likely with the old one.

3. Restart Your Phone

Restarting your Samsung S21 can also help fix charging port issues. A simple restart can sometimes clear any software bugs or glitches preventing your phone from charging properly.


Professional Repair Options for Samsung S21 Charging Port Issues

If the DIY solutions don’t work, or if you’re uncomfortable attempting to fix the charging port yourself, it’s time to take your Samsung S21 to a professional. Here are some repair options for Samsung S21 charging port issues:

1. Samsung Repair Center

The first option is to take your phone to a Samsung repair centre. Samsung has authorized repair centres throughout the UK, where you can get your Samsung S21 fixed. However, this option can be expensive, especially if your phone is out of warranty.

2. Third-Party Repair Shop

Another option is to take your Samsung S21 to a third-party repair shop. Many repair shops throughout the UK offer to charge port repair services for Samsung S21. This option can be more affordable than going to a Samsung Repair Center but choose a reputable and reliable repair shop.

3. Mail-In Repair Service

If you don’t have a repair shop nearby or prefer not to leave your house, you can also use a mail-in repair service. Many companies offer mail-in repair services for Samsung S21 charging port issues. You can send your phone to them; they will fix the charging port and return it to you.

How to Find a Reliable and Affordable Samsung S21 Repair Service in the UK

When it comes to finding a reliable and affordable Samsung S21 repair service in the UK, you should keep a few things in mind. Here are some tips to help you find a reputable and affordable repair service:

1. Check Reviews

One of the best ways to find a reliable repair service is to check reviews. Look for reviews from previous customers to see what their experiences were like. You can check reviews on the company’s website, social media pages, or review sites like Trustpilot.

2. Ask for Recommendations

You can also ask for recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have had their Samsung S21 repaired. They may be able to recommend a reputable repair service that they’ve used before.

3. Compare Prices

Finally, make sure to compare prices from different repair services. Don’t just go with the first repair service you find. Shop around and compare prices to find the most affordable option.


Tips for Preventing Samsung S21 Charging Port Problems in the Future

Prevention is always better than cure, and there are some things you can do to prevent charging port problems with your Samsung S21 in the future. Here are some tips to help you avoid charging port issues:

1. Use a High-Quality Charging Cable

Using a high-quality charging cable can help prevent charging port issues. Cheap cables may not fit properly in the port, which can cause damage over time. Invest in a good-quality cable that fits properly in the charging port.

2. Avoid Overcharging

Overcharging can also cause charging port issues. Unplug your phone once fully charged to avoid putting unnecessary strain on the charging port.

3. Keep Your Charging Port Clean

Finally, make sure to keep your charging port clean. Use a soft-bristled brush or a toothpick to remove debris or dust from the port regularly.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Charging port issues can be frustrating, but they’re not the end of the world. Following the tips and solutions outlined in this article, you can fix charging port issues with your Samsung S21 at a reasonable cost in the UK. Whether you fix the port yourself or take it to a professional, choose a reputable and reliable repair service. With a little effort and care, you can prevent charging port issues in the future and enjoy your Samsung S21 for years to come.

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