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Phones Rescue upgrades the IT department

Phones Rescue upgrades the IT department

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been upgrading our servers to help the company serve our customers more smoothly. Our computer system is now supported by three servers: Dell PowerEdge R710, Dell PowerEdge R720, and HP ProLiant DL380 G5. The servers have 32Gb to 96GB RAM installed, two Intel Xeon processors, and 8TB to 20TB SSD and SAS drives. It’s all locked in a ventilated Prism rack.

Turnkey Open Source Hypervisor - XCP-ng

The virtual machines are managed by Turnkey Open-Source Hypervisor XCP-NG based on Linux CentOS. It is a powerful tool that can handle multiple operating systems. This system is derived from Citrix Xen and shares many features with it. It is fast, reliable, and convenient to use. XCP-ng Center allows you to create snapshots of installed virtual machines extremely easily and quickly.

CRM vTiger - Ubuntu Linux Server - LiteSpeed web server

vTiger is the heart of our company. This is an online CRM (Customer relationship management) application. This is where we create our clients’ accounts, tickets, and invoices. Private and public notes as well as photos and documents can be attached to each customer account, ticket, and invoice. You can create detailed sales reports and manage your inventory. The entire system can be connected to the Asterisk telephone exchange. Any document created in vTiger can be emailed directly from the application. With vTiger, managing a repair shop is a pleasure.

vTiger is installed on Ubuntu Server and the ultrafast OpenLiteSpeed works as a web server. Most importantly, the Ubuntu operating system, vTiger CRM, and the OpenLiteSpeed Web server are Open Source software and are available for free.

FreePBX Asterisk - VoIP - IP PBX - CentOS Linux

The telephone system in our company is based on the free OpenSource system: FreePBX (Private Branch Exchange) based on Asterisk. It enables recording of every outgoing and incoming call, depending on the phone it has several or a dozen lines. On public holidays and outside working hours, callers are greeted by an answering machine and redirected to Voice Mail or any other telephone number. Everything can be conveniently managed via a web browser. The entire FreePBX system is based on the CentOS operating system.

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 - IIS

A virtual machine running on Microsoft Windows Server 2019 is needed to run applications that require Windows and an IIS (Internet Information Services) web server. Although we love Linux and OpenSource operating systems, Microsoft’s Windows Server operating system is really decent and stable hardware.


OMV Open Media Vault - version 4 and 6 - Debian Linux

Open Media Vault is a powerful NAS (Network-attached storage) software. It is also free Open Source software based on Linux Debian. It allows you to create NFS (Network File System), Samba SMB, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) disk arrays, and thanks to plugins, it allows much more. So far we have worked on Open Media Vault version 4, and currently we are testing the possibilities and stability of version 6. To keep our data and our clients’ data safe, the disks used to create the array work in RAID 5, and communication with the server is secured using the SSL / TLS protocol.

Xen Orchestra - Ubuntu Server

Xen Orchestra is a web-based application for managing the server and virtual machines installed on the XCP-ng system. It allows you to easily create automatic backups of virtual machines daily, weekly, monthly or on selected days of the week. We can remotely start or stop the operating system of each virtual machine, execute system commands, or check server statistics and system errors.



As of today, our server base consists of two HP servers and two Dell servers. Dell PowerEdge R720, Dell PowerEdge R710, HP Proliant DL380p G8, and HP Proliant DL380 G5.



At Phones Rescue, we care very much about the security of our data. Therefore, we have secured all our servers with SSL / TLS certificates in the latest version 1.3, so that no one except us and our clients can access them.

Phones Rescue upgrades the IT department