Samsung rear camera repair

Broken camera glass. What to do?

Broken camera glass in phones and tablets.

The protective glass protects the delicate camera from dirt. When the camera glass is damaged, dust and dirt can stain the lens and even get inside the camera, which may damage it. Why is the camera of smartphones and tablets so delicate? There are moving parts inside the camera and even a small amount of dust can damage it. In addition, even a tiny speck of dust will be very visible in any photo as a stain. The lenses on most smartphone cameras are made of plastic, so you can scratch them easily when you try to clean them yourself.

How the smartphone camera is built

  • There are delicate plastic lenses just under the protective glass of the camera. Do not try to touch them with your finger, because even the grease on your hands can tarnish the lens.
  • Behind the lenses there is a Voice Coil Motor (VCM) which is responsible for focusing and stabilizing the image.
  • Under the VCM there is a CMOS sensor that processes the analog image and converts it into digital form. The digital resolution of the camera depends on its resolution.
  • The whole thing is closed in a metal housing that protects the inside of the camera

Cleaning the camera by yourself

Cleaning the camera by yourself without a microscope and professional cleaning fluids is exceedingly difficult and can destroy the camera lens. In the first photo, one of our customers tried to clean the lens at home by himself. He damaged and scratched the lens surface. Fortunately, we were able to clean and polish it. But unfortunately, sometimes the surface of the lens is scratched too deeply and then it is necessary to replace the camera with a new one.

What to do when I notice that my camera glass is damaged?

Secure damaged glass immediately with a piece of plain adhesive tape. Just be careful not to touch the tape to the camera lens. The adhesive surface of the tape will catch dust that has already got inside the phone. Then book the repair immediately in our repair shop so as not to damage the camera.

Broken camera glass. What to do?